Jet Lag: The ReSet Recipe for Recovery

Posted by Beth Rowell
Posted on: Mar 9, 2020 9:46:54 AM

As wonderful as travel can be, the return to reality can be harsh, particularly if you’ve crossed time zones and jet lag is dragging you down.

First and sadly, air travel has become increasingly uncomfortable.  The physical ramifications of spending hours in an airplane seat are at best, unfortunate, and at worst, debilitating.  After a recent 5-hour flight to the west coast, I felt like I had been in a boxing match with the airplane seat.  The seat delivered hours of body blows and won quickly in a dominating fashion.     

Enter the ReSet massage and compression chair which cordially invites you to come and let it do its magic.  Kneading, rolling, compressing and bringing your body back to a happier place.  Your whole body will thank you. 

Next, the dreaded jet lag, which officially refers to a temporary disruption to your sleep cycle that leaves you fatigued and suffering from insomnia and potentially GI issues.  ReSet is proud to offer the NuCalm system to help manage jet lag and get you back on track.  NuCalm is a “technology induced meditation” that guides your brainwaves into a frequency that occurs just before you fall asleep.  During a NuCalm session, your heart rate and respiration slow, encouraging deep relaxation, repair and restoration.  Additionally, NuCalm can help restore your normal sleeping patterns and circadian rhythms, especially after multiple time zone travel.    

Lastly, the ReSet infrared sauna is here to round it all out, helping combat the physical aches of air travel and alleviating jet lag, thus sending you back into your life feeling restored.  The infrared waves stimulate your muscles at the cellular level, helping to ease soreness from long periods of sitting. 

Infrared saunas can also protect you from getting sick after flying.  “Our patented Sunlighten infrared sauna heaters are clinically shown to increase your core body temperature up to 3 degrees.  That “false fever” can help stimulate immune function and make the body less fertile for bacteria and viruses.” (Aaron Zack, CEO Sunlighten) 

The infrared sauna can also help mitigate jet lag.  When the body is exposed to infrared waves, it thermoregulates (or cools) itself.  As a by product, the body then increases Melatonin production, the sleep hormone thus helping you return to normal sleep patterns more quickly. 

ReSet Recipe: Jet Lag Recovery


  • One 20 minute session in the Massage & Compression Chair
  • One 20 minute NuCalm session
  • One 30 minute Infrared Sauna

Step 1:

Schedule services at ReSet Lounge either online at, through the app (ReSet Lounge available in the app store), or by calling 440-600-2659.

Step 2:

Come in and let your mind and body relax, restore and rejuvenate.  ReSet yourself following your travel.  

Step 3:

Re-enter your life feeling loads better with the jet lag behind you.   

ReSet Jet Lag Recovery Package: $50

For just $50, you will receive:

20 min Massage & Compression Chair

20 min NuCalm

30 min Infrared Sauna

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