What is the Cancellation Policy?

We are thrilled to reserve our staff’s time and facility for your visit! We have a 24-hour cancellation policy; late cancels and no-shows are charged in full. We thank you for your courtesy and consideration!  If you have an early cancel, your booking and your charge will be available for rescheduling on your account.

What if I'm running late?

If you are running late we cannot guarantee you will be able to enjoy a full session length.  Please try to arrive early for any appointment, a 15 minute buffer is suggested, so you begin your session in a more relaxed state. 

How do I prepare to visit the Lounge? What can I expect?

Reduce any stress around your visit by arriving early and plan to hang out after if you can!  As a courtesy to other clients appointments do begin promptly at the scheduled time.  We suggest you allow 15 extra minutes, we want to be sure that you aren’t rushed and can begin a service in a relaxed state.

When experiencing your first appointment at ReSet, we will ask you to review and sign any appropriate waivers.  This will be done electronically when you book your first appointment online or when you come to ReSet for the first time.  

Our exercise equipment is available to you for 30 minutes adjacent to your appointment.  For some treatments using our equipment for even 10 minutes will raise the efficacy of the service. 

  • Infrared Sauna Sessions: Exercise prior to an infrared sauna appointment will prepare your body to detoxify. 
  • Fat and Cellulite Reduction services with cryotherapy: These ReSet services releases toxins from your fat cells and positively impacts your lymphatic system. To acheive the best possible results, it is important to help your facilitate lymphatic drainage within 4 hours of your treatment.  This can be done by using our Full Body Vibration Plate for 10 to 15 minutes, scheduling an adjacent 30 minute infrared sauna appointment or a 20 minute massage and compression chair appointmnet!

Upon arrival, we kindly ask you turn your cell phone off or to airplane mode so you can truly ReLax.

Is any special clothing required?

No special clothing is required but we have some suggestions.

Medical Massage and Compression Chairs:  Please wear comfortable socks / no shoes during your relaxing appointment.

Infrared Sauna:  Choose what you are comfortable wearing.  Cotton clothing tends to pull the sweat from your skin which is terrific!  Whatever you wear, we will provide you with a towel to to wipe the sweat from your body throughout your session which will help wipe away the toxins!

Personal Training Sessions or Use of the Exercise Equipment:  Be comfortable in athletic clothing.  We do request that you switch into clean gym shoes in our entry area prior to working out.

Cryotherapy:  Please wear comfortable clothing.

NuCalm is very interesting.  Where can I learn more?

The NuCalm Deep Dive page will give you links to the science and a great FAQ

How is your cryotherapy with T Shock different from coolsculpting?

Simply put, T Shock does more and costs less; more than 50% less!

CoolSculpting is limited to fat freezing only and the clamps only fit certain areas of the body. The more clamps you need the higher those prices above go.

Cryo T-Shock can be used on more places and for multiple applications, not just fat removal:

  • It treats cellulite and lifts and tightens the skin.
  • there are no clamps.  T Shock uses a wand which the technician glides easily over any body part, including the face for anti-aging or removal of a double chin.

  • T Shock can target more areas: Face, chin, neck, arms, back, abdomen, "love handles," buttocks, thighs, hips, knees & calves

CoolSculpting will typically cause bruising, tingling, stinging, tenderness, itching and in some instances, the fat congeals.  Whereas T-Shock uses a 3-phase thermal shock to break up the fat and aid with lymphatic drainage. The skin is only slightly red for an hour or so. Most clients actually find the treatment relaxing.

Am I still getting a good Sauna Detox if I'm not drenched in Sweat?

When sitting in a hot sauna, we expect ourselves to sweat. We see pictures of people coming out drenched in sweat or have family members come out of the sauna completely soaked. But, when you step out of the sauna, you may find that you are barely wet, even if the sauna is at a high heat setting. You many wonder if you are still receiving the sauna detox benefits.

The answer is yes! Even though your body is not drenched in sweat, your body is still detoxifying from harmful toxins, just feel your skin. Your skin will feel a little moist or possibly sticky.