ReSet Lounge and Healthy Integrations have joined forces to provide non-invasive, healing therapies based in eastern practices.


Craniosacral Therapy

A gentle, non-invasive, yet powerful mobilization technique that decompresses the nervous system. CST removes restrictions and relieves pressure within the craniosacral system; a pressure-stat system that gently moves the cerebral spinal fluid surrounding the cranial bones, spinal column and sacrum. While effective for structural issues (migraines, TMJ and lower back/ tailbone issues) relief of CST dysfunction and pressure can help put other body systems back into balance, as well as promote deep relaxation.


total body modification (TBM)

Stress and injury can disrupt the communication and control that the brain has over specific organs, body parts and body systems. This “blown fuse” may manifest as any number of different symptoms. TBM re-establishes health by restoring proper brain-to-body communication; re-booting the body’s primary functional programs. Using applied kinesiology and the stimulating of neuro-vascular and meridian points, TBM allows the body to heal. TBM is also useful in treating allergies.

allergy elimination

naet allergy elimination

Nambrupad’s Allergy Elimination Technique is a non-invasive, drug-free solution to de-sensitize you to anything to which you are sensitive (allergens, foods etc). Testing is done with applied kinesiology and homeopathic vials, followed by the balancing of corresponding meridian or acupressure points. Usually people test “clear” on a specific allergen after one or two treatments.


Matrix Energetics

A system of energy work incorporating subtle energy and quantum physics. The application of Matrix Energetics re-establishes the flow of biological information so the body can better respond to and assimilate past traumas, injuries, emotional and energetic patterns. Powered by intent with a physical and observable effect every time, with the client usually feeling a wave-like motion. With quantum level change, instant results are often achieved.


lifeline technique

At the root of every symptom of stress and disease is a subconscious emotional pattern of reaction. When activated, this pattern of reaction can cause both behavioral and biological stressors. The LifeLine Technique enables a person to activate their subconscious mind, identifying and removing blocks that your body once used as protection, having a direct impact on the genetic expressions affecting the health of your body and the relationships in your life.


Emotional freedom technique (EFT) 

EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, is a combination of tapping the energy meridians while voicing positive affirmations to clear a “short-circuit” – an emotional block – from your body’s bio-energy system, thus restoring your mind and body’s balance; essential for optimal physical and emotional health. Often helpful for removing negative emotion, reducing food cravings, addictions, reducing or eliminating pain and implementing positive goals.


Reconnective Healing

A tangible energy interaction with specific frequencies of energy, light and information. These frequencies first became accessible and known to the scientific community in 1993 through Dr. Eric Pearl. Eric developed a process to teach others how to interact with this field and science has been exploring it ever since. In this RH field, deep transformation & expansion are instantly received.


NES Health

Assessing and correcting the body’s energy and communication systems through the field of bioenergetics. This includes wellness scan that takes just seconds but shows an incredible amount of information. Correction of the bioenergetic field is with liquid remedies and handheld technology called the miHealth to get the body’s energy moving. Doing this improves the body’s own ability to heal and stay healthy.

chakra balancing

Chakra Balancing

Quantum physics confirms that our bodies are comprised of an orchestra of vibrational frequencies. Each cell and system has its own optimal frequency that corresponds to a health state. Inflammation and illness can tell us those frequencies are imbalanced.

The power of sound, delivered through tuning forks, can release trapped energy that  causes imbalance and make that energy available to the body for restoring health.

Meet Debbie

Debbie is a Holistic Practitioner with more than 25 years of experience helping clients overcome physical pain, allergies, emotional stress and other chronic conditions through a blend of gentle treatments. Through several certifications and a mastery of different healing modalities, she offers clients a unique combination of therapies in each session to bring about the most efficient results. Her work stems from Eastern Medicine and a deep desire to help people overcome physical and emotional challenges that keep them from enjoying the life they were meant to live. 

What to Expect at Your Appointment

Any appointment with Debbie will be tailored your needs on that particular day. Techniques will be employed to:

  • Evaluate and re-boot the body’s neuro-physiology and bio-electrical systems
  • Stabilize “Flight or Flight” response
  • Can identify and harmonizes allergies and sensitivities
  • Can identify and de-link negative emotions from thoughts that store in subconscious and affect your physical body

60 Minute Sessions are $98

90 Minute Sessions are $150

We ask that your first session is 90 minutes. 

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