ReSet and InsideTracker have joined forces to provide you data about how your body is functioning along with individualized action plans to improve.

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Do You Know Your Numbers?

A biomarker is an objective measure that captures what is happening in a cell or an organism at a given moment. Biomarkers can serve as early warning systems for your health. By testing your blood, answering lifestyle questions and even uploading DNA testing you may have done previously, InsideTracker can give you a comparison of where your body is, and where it should be.

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What are the Steps?

Wouldn't you like to harness the scientific data available about health and wellness to improve your body? We have partnered with InsideTracker because they do just that. How? By facilitating testing, goal setting and feedback.

  1. Choose a plan based on the level of bio-marker testing you'd like.
    • If you have recent lab results you can upload them
    • You can choose to calculate your inner age (or biological age)
    • There is an option to upload DNA testing results, for example from 23 and Me to add more information about your individual makeup.
  2. Answer questions about your lifestyle.

  3. Review your results and choose your next steps.  The Inside Tracker tool can help you select a wellness goal and then establish up a goal-oriented Action Plan with nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle recommendations. You'll use it to change your body for the better.
  4. Monitor how you are doing.

If you choose do to so, your results can be shared with Abby, a ReSet Health Coach or a ReSet Personal Trainer so that your team can support you in achieving results.

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