Naturopathic Consultation

Support your body naturally to achieve weight maangement goals with insights gained from biometric scanning, supplementation, and wellness consultations.

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Hocatt Ozone Therapy

Enjoy passive EWOT (exercise with oxygen) and enhance your metabolism naturally and support tissue detoxification using steam, far infrared, ozone and micro-current technology in one efficient modality.

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health coach

Health & Wellness Coaching

For ongoing support in meeting your nutrition goals, our certified health coaches work in coordination with your overall strategy to help with accountability and support. Specialized coaching sessions are available for re-defining your relationship with food.

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biomarker example-1

BioMetric Testing

You're unique, and your nutrition plan should be too. InsideTracker helps people add years to their lives and life to their years by optimizing their bodies from the inside out. By analyzing your body’s data, they can provide you with a science-backed action plan for improving your health and becoming your best self. 

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Personal Training - K Fam

Personal Training

Whether your goals are to lose weight, build strength, increase energy or just to feel better, ReSet personal trainers can give you the structure, accountability, and support you need to reach them.

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ReSet can help you feel supported in setting and attaining your weight management goals. 

We all want to live a healthy, full life. Part of keeping heart disease, cancer, and other disease and risk factors at bay is maintaining a healthy weight. ReSet uniquely offers an umbrella of services that support physical activity, diet and nutrition modifications, supplementation, cell nutrition, detoxification, emotional support, and biometric testing to help you create the most achievable plan for your goals.

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