The Cryo Slimdown

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Posted on: Sep 30, 2022 11:11:53 AM

tshock cryo slimmingFor many people, no matter how much we try to eat right and stay fit, certain areas can retain weight that makes us feel uncomfortable in our own bodies. Researchers at Harvard Medical School have proven that the cold temperatures safely administered by Cryo T-Shock lead to the destruction and elimination of fat cells that don’t respond to diet and exercise.


An Alternative to Surgery

ReSet Lounge is thrilled to offer Cryo T-Shock therapy as a noninvasive, safe, and painless alternative to surgery. The Cryo T-Shock system is one of the most innovative technologies on the market and can support you in your journey to loving the skin you’re in.

Cryo T-Shock treatments work using an alternating cycle of hot and cold therapies. This method effectively “shocks” fat cells, which destroys them so they can be flushed out through the bloodstream. The entire process is painless and may even feel as comfortable as getting a massage. Not only does this cellular destruction cause the elimination of fat cells, but it also stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, which reduces the appearance of cellulite, fine lines, and wrinkles.

No matter how our bodies look, we often get stuck on the idea that we need to “fix” something. It is vital to our well-being to learn to love our bodies in their uniqueness, but life often leaves its mark in ways we wish we could change. Having a healthy relationship with our bodies depends a lot on how we care for ourselves, but sometimes we need a little help. Whether you’re struggling with feeling confident in an outfit you love because of stubborn cellulite, or your post-partum tummy never quite bounced back, the Cryo T-Shock system is here to help.


Test Out T-Shock For Yourself

Almost everyone could use some support when it comes to feeling confident in our bodies. Think of a Cryo T-Shock session like a trip to the salon or getting a massage. It is a simple and painless way to boost confidence and help you love the way you look. Book your first appointment here and see the results for yourself!

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