NuCalm and Positive Impacts of Stress Reduction

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Posted on: Apr 8, 2021 3:12:24 PM

nucalm at homeLowering stress is proven to help both physical and mental health and we love NuCalm® to do just that.  It is a clinically proven, efficient and natural approach to help that can be enjoyed at ReSet and now affordably at home.

Why is stress so high in our Modern Age?

We live in a Digital Age but our body reacts to stress the same way it did in the Stone Age. While the causes of stress have evolved, our stress response has not. 

Immediate physical danger activates a short-term, primal reaction designed to maximize our chances of survival. Once that threat has passed, all physical systems should restore to normal. 

But chronic psychological stress, like the COVID-19 Pandemic, has only increased stress for most of us. We have had a year of fear, uncertainty and isolation which has elicited a long-term primal reaction, triggering a flood of the stress hormones adrenaline and cortisol. 

These, in turn, can lead to physiological, biochemical and neurological consequences: high blood pressure, suppressed immune function, slowed metabolism, emotional instability and more.

Natural and Effective - How NuCalm® Lowers Stress and Anxiety 

NuCalm® offers a high-tech stress relief that meets the stressors of the modern world on an equal playing field. 

Traditional stress-relief methods can be unnatural, time-consuming and unreliable. But NuCalm's® patented, neuroscience technology relaxes users without drugs, without delay and without fail. 

NuCalm® interrupts the body's stress response - that primitive fight-or-flight reaction that is so prevalent in our modern world - then guides the mind to a state of equanimity.

NuCalm® is stress relief for the way we live today – technology to help you disconnect. 

How NuCalm® Works 

In practice, NuCalm® scientifically forces your body into a relaxed state. Harvard and Stanford have studied this technology and have found that 20 minutes of NuCalm® equates to 2 hours of restorative sleep for the body.  

There are two main components of the NuCalm® experience: 

nucalm discThe first, a specialized disc that you place on the inside of your left wrist, sends signals to activate your brain’s natural relaxation system by interrupting adrenaline response.

The second, is the neuro-acoustic software, designed to deliver specific frequencies that slow brain wave function to levels required for optimal relaxation and recovery.  

When you NuCalm® at ReSet Lounge, we provide a weighted blanket, an eye mask and a heated, zero-gravity chair. 

We are thrilled to announce that NuCalm® can also be experienced at home. Our new affiliate program offers an easy way to NuCalm® consistently at an affordable cost

Why is the home option important? Because the more you NuCalm®, the better the results.

Daily use is ideal. To achieve optimal health, you need a predictable and healthy sleep habit, a nutritious diet, regular exercise and a reliable stress management routine. NuCalm® will help you manage stress and improve your sleep.

We recommend doing NuCalm® 3-4 times a week, 20-min minimum.

NuCalm® is balancing your autonomic nervous system. If you are using it every day, there is less balancing to be done each time. The natural endpoint of your session is when you start feeling restless and just “wake up”, similar to waking up from a nap. Going to your natural endpoint means you have achieved complete autonomic nervous system balancing for the day.

The length of your natural session is directly related to your current stress level (high stress, long NuCalm® journey; low stress, short NuCalm® journey). Sleep deprivation, poor sleep quality, stress, jet lag, illness, injury are all factors that will affect the length of your session.

With consistent use of NuCalm®, you will see that the natural endpoint of your journey will become shorter and predictable over time.

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