Assisted Stretching: The 21st Century Massage

Posted by Pam Kopsak
Posted on: May 22, 2021 6:15:00 AM


Massage has been considered a healing modality for thousands of years. It is our natural, human instinct to touch an area of the body when it hurts as that often relieves pain. While massage certainly has its place in the realm of calming and therapeutic modalities, Volt + Stretch is bringing the act of therapeutic muscle release into the 21st century.


How Assisted Stretching Is Different Than Massage

Percussion gun therapy has become mainstream in the therapy world - and for good reason. The steady pressure and power that a percussion gun provides is difficult to recreate by a massage therapist. Because of the nature of the tool, it accesses deep muscle fibers quickly, to increase blood flow and flexibility and decrease tightness and pain. Also, the improved circulation and warming effect that the gun provides has been proven to decrease post-workout muscle soreness. Rather than hands, fingers and elbows performing massage, a steady, percussive pressure is applied to release soft tissue restrictions.

Once each muscle has received sufficient loosening, assisted stretching and PNF (Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation) stretching are then provided. This stretching encourages each muscle to return to its intended length and flexibility. The warmed-up musculature is enabled to achieve improved movement and flexibility via gentle, passive stretching techniques. With verbal cueing for deep breathing, the experience has relaxing and therapeutic effects.

Like massage, the amount of percussion and stretching pressure provided will be tailored to each client. Gentle but effective releases are provided with client comfort and tolerance in mind.

Volt & Stretch was created to decrease pain and improve posture and flexibility. Due to our tech-heavy lifestyles, few of us are moving through space with the optimal posture. This program is designed to facilitate improved flexibility and the return of the upright posture we were intended to have.

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