Restoring Balance to Your Nervous System

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Posted on: Aug 31, 2022 2:52:35 PM

heart and brain"You know what the top five most important contributors to health are?...

The autonomic nervous system, the autonomic nervous system, the autonomic nervous system, the autonomic nervous system, the autonomic nervous system."

-Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, M.D.

When it comes to taking care of ourselves, we usually focus on things such as healthy food, supplements and exercising. Your nervous system may not be something that you would consider adding to your self-care routine but could be the most important component to achieving overall wellbeing and is critical in the healing process.

The nervous system is made of branches. The parasympathetic branch controls our rest-and-digest functions, while the sympathetic controls our fight-or-flight responses. Unfortunately, it is easy for these systems to become out of balance, which can cause many unpleasant side effects. The health of the nervous system dictates the quality of sleep we get, the function of our digestive system, how we respond to stressful situations and so much more..

What Causes Imbalance?

Injuries, infections, emotional traumas, chronic stress, and many other factors can lead to an imbalance. Nervous system dysfunction can show up as headaches, memory loss, muscles weakness, fatigue, trouble with balance, brain fog and many other symptoms.

There was a time in human history when our nervous system was mostly responsible for keeping us safe in life-or-death scenarios like being chased by a tiger. In that situation, the sympathetic nervous system immediately floods the body with stress hormones, which enable you to get out of harm’s way. Thankfully, being chased by a predatory animal isn’t something we need to worry about in modern society, but there are many common situations that can trigger the sympathetic nervous system in the same way.

For example, if someone cuts you off in traffic or you get yelled at by your boss, the same stress response kicks in as if you were being chased by a tiger. Overtime, this consistent stimulation of the nervous system can lead to a number of unpleasant conditions. Our system can get stuck in the fight-or-flight response, which makes it impossible for our bodies to rest, digest and carry out all the functions necessary for recovery and healing.

How to Rebalance Your Nervous System

There are many ways to take care of your nervous system to restore balance and proper function. Because of the demands of our modern lifestyles, it is important to spend time doing activities that allow the parasympathetic nervous system to take over.

ReSet Lounge offers several treatment options that can help you do just that. Consciously assisting the body to move from sympathetic (fight-or-flight) to parasympathetic (rest & digest) response will allow the nervous system to begin to return to its proper function. If you are suffering from the effects of an imbalanced nervous system, it may be difficult to restore balance on your own.

This can be achieved through relaxation therapies we offer such as massage, NuCalm, salt therapy, Reiki and sound healing. Here at ReSet we also offer Total Body Modification (TBM)

What is Total Body Modification (TBM)?

TBM is a modality to “manually” get your body out of fight & flight. TBM re-establishes health by restoring proper brain-to-body communication; reconnecting circuits that create the HPAT axis.

During treatment, kinesiology is used to determine what areas of the system are not functioning properly. Once the problem area is determined, corrective strategies can be implemented through stimulation of neurovascular points, neuro-lymphatic and reflex points. This stimulation can be thought of as a “rebooting” of the system. Once proper function is restored, the body will be able to heal itself the way it was intended.

TBM can give your system the boost it needs to get your entire system communicating and functioning properly; having a profound effect on all aspects of your wellbeing and allowing you to not just feel rested and rejuvenated, but to actually get out of sympathetic overdrive and shift into wellness.

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