The Event Prep Timeline – Plan Ahead to Look and Feel Your Best!

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Posted on: Sep 9, 2022 11:51:16 AM

Close-up of group of businesspeople toasting glasses of champagne in the officeIt’s been referred to as “the great uncorking”! People are ready to celebrate, and weddings are the perfect outlet to gather and celebrate with loved ones. Estimates are that not only are weddings back, but 2022 will be the biggest wedding year in 40 years! And that’s not all—people are excited to gather and celebrate holidays, birthdays, and more. It’s understandable—after being so cooped up the last two years, we’re excited too to resume celebration events!

When preparing for any celebration, the common questions come up: “What am I going to wear?” “How should I style my hair?” “How can I look my best?” Cryo T-shock is the perfect non-invasive and natural way to prepare to look stunning at the big events on your calendar. Setting a timeline and strategy is important to achieve your goals.

T minus 4 to 6 months – Cryo Slimming

Want to work on your tummy? Perhaps slim your arms for that amazing sleeveless dress you can’t wait to wear? Planning a timeline to achieve your slimming goals is important as spacing appointments every two weeks is necessary.

Cryo T-Shock uses warm and cold cycles in precision to target and eliminate fat cells. In doing so, your lymphatic system must be activated to release the eliminated cells and spacing two weeks between slimming/contouring sessions keeps the lymph system from overloading.

Our certified technicians can help you set a plan and timeline. Some important considerations:

  • You Can’t Do Everything at Once: Multiple areas of the body can be treated at the same time; one large area and one small. For example, you could treat your stomach (large area) and back of your arms (small area) in one session.
  • Set Reasonable Expectations: Often 5 to 10 treatments are needed to achieve results. During a consultation, an analysis is performed to help set the timeline. Note that if your BMI is over 35%, Cryo T-Shock will not be effective so strategies for weight loss should be employed first.
  • T-Shock Support: Implement other strategies to support your investment in T-Shock slimming.
    • Allow time after your appointment to stimulate your lymph system: a cardio workout, whole body vibration, an infrared sauna session or a Hocatt session will help.
    • Avoid carbohydrates before and after a T-Shock slimming session.
    • Hydrate!
    • Focus on wellness every day with proper diet and exercise.

T Minus 2 Months – Toning

Perhaps fat cells aren’t the issue but sagging skin is a bother. T-Shock toning sessions can be performed more frequently than slimming, and they work to tighten and contour while promoting your skin’s natural elasticity. Areas frequently addressed include:

  • Arms
  • Stomach
  • Chin
  • Decollate
  • Neck
  • Back of Hands

A consultation is also a good idea to set reasonable goals for Toning treatments. For example, the decollate is generally a faster result than “turkey neck”.

T Minus 1.5 Month - Facials

Everyone wants to be picture ready! T-Shock facials are an amazing way to revitalize your skin.

  • Anti-Aging Facials: Our most comprehensive facial lifts, tones, and promotes the body’s collagen and elastin production. In addition to the T-Shock wand, a coupler is used to address fine lines around the eyes and mouth. We suggest setting a plan for 5 treatments within 2.5 weeks of your special event.
  • Brightening Facials: Help calm acne and it can be done within a day of your event.
  • Red-Carpet Facials: Aptly named, this facial technique is great for younger skin to achieve a glow. It is best performed within 2 days of the event.

ReSet offers bundles and packages so that an entire “portrait” plan can be set if desired, addressing from the decollate up so that a youthful appearance doesn’t stop at the chin!

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