What is Lipolysis and How Does It Relate to Cryo T-Shock?

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Posted on: Apr 13, 2022 6:00:00 AM

fat reduction with cryo t-shockCryo T-Shock is a safe, non-invasive treatment for anti-aging and body contouring. Focusing on body contouring (slimming and cellulite reduction), Cryo T-shock targets adipose tissue to induce lipolysis—the breaking down of fat cells—to reduce body fat without damage to other tissues. This sounds great, but what does all this really mean? Are there side effects? How does T-Shock differ from other temperature-based slimming tools? Let’s break it down!

First things first: The Cryo T-Shock Explanation

ReSet’s slimming, toning and cellulite treatments utilize the Pagani T-Shock device for several reasons. First, it’s non-invasive and exploits a natural process in our bodies. Second, it does not have the side effects of other devices in the market. Third, it is a more reasonably priced application, making it attainable for many more people.

The T-Shock method consists of a specially developed technique where warm and cold temperatures are utilized and applied directly to your skin with a wand. Based on the result you are trying to achieve, the device runs strict protocols to keep temperature ranges precise during the session. Certified therapists manage the level of pressure, particular motion required, and surface area covered throughout the session.

What is Lipolysis and how is it induced?

Lipolysis is the destruction of fat cells. It is induced during the T-Shock session by the synergy of the thermal shock (warm and cold). The adipocytes cannot survive. Some of the fat cells are eliminated during the session and the rest are flushed away through the lymphatic system.

What is adipose tissue?

When we talk about inducing lipolysis to target adipose tissue, that tissue is simply fat cells. Adipocytes are the cells in the body specializing in storing fats.

How is the lymphatic system involved?

The dead fat cells are evacuated through the lymphatic system and will eventually pass through the kidneys. Waiting every two weeks between slimming or cellulite sessions ensures that the lymphatic system and kidneys are not overloaded.

We want you to achieve the best possible results from your treatments, so it is important to get your lymphatic system working after an appointment. This can be achieved at ReSet by using the Whole Body Vibration plate or by enjoying an Infrared Sauna Session. Another option is to get in a good 30-minute cardio workout.

How does the T-Shock treatment keep from damaging the skin?

Fat cells have a higher sensitivity to temperature than skin cells. Therefore, this leaves the surrounding skin undamaged.

Can T-Shock cause adverse effects such paradoxical adipose hyperplasia?

Fat and cellulite reduction treatments performed with the Cryo T-Shock cannot cause this condition as there is no suction involved and the wand is constantly moving during a session.

A word of warning: There are a few contraindications for slimming and cellulite treatments

Anyone with the following conditions should not receive Cryo T-Shock treatment: severe kidney disease or dialysis; active cancer / chemotherapy; severe Diabetes and pregnancy. Anyone with an open abdominal hernia should not receive a fat reduction in that area.

Get Started With Cryo T-Shock

To get started with Cryo T-Shock, come in for a consult! For 15 minutes—at no cost to you!—you can meet with one of ReSet’s Certified Cryotherapy Technicians. During this appointment, we’ll asses your goals, customize your treatment sessions, set a schedule that suits your time frame and document your starting point! We can create a plan that’s right for you!

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