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Posted on: Aug 18, 2022 7:00:00 AM

bigstock-Tennis-Racket-And-Ball-On-Cour-4255408Summer is the height of the tennis season for many players, particularly those in the Ohio area. Though it’s a fun, social sport, it’s also highly physical and can be tough on the body. It sadly results in a variety of injuries, such as meniscus tears, tennis elbow, shoulder and back pain, and more. It’s also a mental game. So for highly-competitive players, it’s important they find a way to focus, relax, and center themselves.

With the US Open just around the corner (it’s scheduled for August 29-September 11, 2022), along with all the extra media attention it’s getting due to Serena Williams’ big announcement, we looked into methods the pros use. NuCalm® is one solution the US open implements.


NuCalm® at the US Open

Here’s an excerpt from the US Open about this method:

Just when you thought the US Open had all of the resources a player could ask for, a new-found gem was introduced in 2019: the recovery room. Already a big hit with players, the spa-like space offers a variety of tools they can use for rest, relaxation and, yes, recovery, so they can be ready to play their next match and perform at their best.

The room features four reclining chairs and a variety of advanced equipment to help speed up recovery and reduce inflammation and muscle soreness, including NormaTec (a pulse massage system), HyperIce vibrating massagers and foam rollers, as well as the crowd favorite, NuCalm®. 

Originally invented to help treat PTSD, NuCalm® is a drug-free system that relaxes the brain and body within minutes. Users don a light-blocking eye mask and a gravity blanket, as well as headphones that deliver a "neuroacoustic" soundtrack of music or nature sounds designed to help achieve a gentle but healing level of sleep. Finally, a small electromagnetic disc is applied to the inside of the left wrist, sending signals to the heart to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system and calm the body—mimicking the body's transition to a peaceful, restorative night's sleep. 

"NuCalm® gives you two to three hours [worth of] restorative sleep in 20-30 minutes," said Chad Raynor, who manages the room. "In a normal nap, you might fall into 'delta,' the deepest level of sleep, leading you to feel groggy. NuCalm® keeps you in 'theta,' which is the first level of sleep. You are not fully asleep, but it is the most restorative sleep. When you wake up, you feel refreshed."

With more and more studies affirming the positive effects of napping on athletic performance, it's no surprise that this particular tool has been so well received. "Every player who has used it really enjoyed it, especially players coming from overseas or after New York late nights," Raynor said.

Why did the US Open add this room to the players' lounge? "The players felt like they needed a place to rest that was undisturbed," said Raynor. "It makes sense for the US Open and the players—the more refreshed the players are, the better the performance levels are on the court.” 

Interested in Trying NuCalm® Yourself?

Before you hit the court for your next match, or before you head into any stressful situation, it’s important to relax and calm. Stress affects us all differently and can even result in medical issues such as high blood pressure, slowed metabolism, emotional instability, and more. NuCalm® can help provide a relaxing solution. Click below to learn more about this therapy.

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