All About Glutathione--Immune Booster & Detoxifier!

Posted by Leigh Kruszenski
Posted on: Jul 9, 2020 2:21:47 PM

glutathione blogLet us shine a light on GLUTATHIONE! Glutathione is a great choice for an immune boost, especially as so many of us are returning to work and school. It is also a great idea prior to traveling!

During increasing COVID-19 cases, we at ReSet recognize how important it is to have offerings to help keep your body and mind well. We have teamed with Inspire Wellness, MD to add supplements for purchase, preservative-free Vitamin IV infusions, and booster shots to our core offerings. The breadth and variety of supplements can be overwhelming to understand. This blog is the first in a series that will provide a quick and simple guide to the supplements we offer and why they are important.  

What is Glutathione?

Glutathione is the most abundant antioxidant in our bodies. In fact, virtually every organism on Earth has some glutathione in its cells. This “master” antioxidant is produced in the liver and protects the human body.

Referencing one of our favorite Functional Medicine pioneers, Dr. Mark Hyman: “Glutathione is a very simple molecule that is produced naturally all the time in your body. It is a combination of three simple building blocks of protein or amino acids—cysteine, glycine and glutamine. The secret of its power is the sulfur (SH) chemical groups it contains. Sulfur is a sticky, smelly molecule. It acts like fly paper and all the bad things in the body stick onto it, including free radicals and toxins like mercury and other heavy metals. All the toxins stick onto glutathione, which then carries them into the bile and the stool—and out of your body.”

When glutathione levels are healthy, it can help prevent health problems, but possibly help you experience amazing energy, glowing skin, a strong heart, and a sharp brain. According to the U.S. National Library of Medicine, glutathione “acts as an antioxidant, a free radical scavenger, and a detoxifying agent.”

What are Antioxidants and Free Radicals?

Antioxidants are the “anti-agers” of the nutrient world, working to protect your body from free radical, or “oxidative” damage.

Free Radicals are unstable atoms produced by your body and are linked to disease and aging. Every time you eat, breathe or move, your body uses the food you eat to produce energy. This process produces free radicals as a byproduct.

Other contributors to the buildup of toxins include chemicals, UV radiation, chronic stress, poor diet and medications. Think of glutathione like lemon juice you put on fruit to keep it from turning brown… sprinkling your body with antioxidants will keep it from aging!

How Can We Boost the Natural Production of Glutathione in the Body?

  • Reduce exposure to toxins
  • Increase intake of cruciferous vegetables (such as broccoli, cauliflower, kale, cabbage, and brussel sprouts)
  • Decrease consumption of processed food and sugar
  • Drink at least 8 cups of water a day
  • Decrease stress
  • Exercise at least 5 days a week
  • Get enough rest

Why Supplement?

Glutathione levels naturally decline with age. As MindBodyGreen D.O. Christine Maren says, “The demand for glutathione in our modern world often exceeds our ability to make it, so we end up depleted. Without enough glutathione, our body builds up too many reactive oxygen species and environmental toxins--the end result of which is DNA damage, oxidative stress, and chronic disease.”

Studies have shown that enzymes in the stomach may break down glutathione, making liposomal, IV and booster shots the most effective way to deliver this nutrient because it goes directly to your cells. You may feel energized directly after the infusion, but the benefits of this type of supplement delivery last for two to three weeks.

How ReSet Lounge Can Help

  • Glutathione Booster Shots–Via a simple injection administered by an RN or MD, glutathione is delivered directly to your cells, by-passing your gastrointestinal tract, making absorption more complete.

  • Vitamin IV infusions–These infusions also administered by an RN or MD, contain vitamin C and B complex, including an extra boost of glutathione that is pushed into the IV line.
  • Liposomal Glutathione Supplements–Liposomal supplements are delivered differently from traditional vitamins as a barrier is supplied around the nutrients. This encapsulation helps the glutathione deliver directly to your cells by protecting against the harsher aspects of your gastrointestinal environment. ReSet sells a variety of high quality, hypoallergenic supplements at the Lounge.
  • Personal Training–Consistent exercise helps your body naturally produce glutathione. Our highly certified trainers can create a custom training plan for you and help you remain on track to meet your fitness goals.
  • Medical Grade Massage Chair Utilization–PubMed did a study aimed to determine the effects of regular exercise and massage on the Glutathione (GSH). The findings showed that regular physical activity and massage manipulations significantly increase glutathione (Karabulut AB, Kafkas ME, Kafkas AS, Onal Y, Kiran TR). The effect of regular exercise and massage on oxidant and antioxidant parameters. Indian J Physiol Pharmacol. 2013;57(4):378-383.
  • Health Coaching–Learn to shop, prepare, and enjoy foods that help boost your glutathione levels and increase overall health.
  • Sauna–Studies from the Journal of Environmental and Public Health show that 15-20% of infrared sauna-induced sweat is composed of cholesterol, fat-soluble toxins, heavy metals, sulfuric acid, and ammonia (as well as sodium and uric acid). In other words, an infrared sauna may enable your body to eliminate environmental toxins through sweat.
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