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Posted by Pam Kopsak
Posted on: Apr 20, 2021 6:00:00 AM

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Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Now imagine you have a magic wand and can create yourself in the best health that is realistically possible.  How do you feel in this healthy body, both physically and emotionally?  What are some things that you can do now that you are healthier that weren’t possible before?  How has your life changed? 

These are some of the questions that Health and Wellness Coaches ask their clients in the very first meeting.   Health and Wellness Coaching is a growing field with scientific evidence behind its efficacy. Research is proving that coaching is not only improving blood pressures, cholesterol levels, glucose levels and body weight, but it is improving the lives of clients through Positive Psychology, encouragement and accountability.

Health and Wellness Coaching is a vehicle that enables one who is seeking improved health and quality of life to bring their personal goals to fruition. A personal Wellness Vision is crafted in the client’s own words and is followed by a blueprint to achieve that vision. Weekly coaching sessions are based around Positive Psychology where even barriers and set-backs are viewed as opportunities to learn rather than failures.

Topics for coaching can include but are not limited to:

· Fitness

· Nutrition

· Stress Management

· Weight Loss

· Improved Sleep

Coaching sessions are weekly conversations that provide accountability yet inspiration to the client. Conversations can be via web meetings or in person at ReSet.  The tone is positive, fun and always non-judgmental. During these conversations, the Wellness Vision of the client is broken down into achievable goals that are reviewed each week. The coach provides a safe space where the client can openly explore every possibility to improve their health and well-being. Coaches use methods to help the client realize what motivates them and brings them to life. The client is the captain steering the ship while the coach manages the sails. The collaboration between coach and client is a respected place of trust, authenticity and honesty.

Evidence is proving that Health and Wellness Coaching is assisting in the improvement of clients’ blood pressures, cholesterol levels, blood-glucose and body weight, among other factors. The field of coaching is recognized as an effective tool for chronic disease management with hospitals and weight-loss centers realizing the benefits for their patients.

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