RTeam trainers and coaches can give you the structure, accountability and support you need to reach your goals.

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Personal Training

Our certified personal training staff creates programs that blend the physical and intellectual aspects of training for each unique client. We offer specialized fitness programs incorporating strength, cardiovascular, agility and balance training as well as injury prevention and mobility and flexibility work for a variety of ages and specific populations including recreational and competitive athletes, under/overweight individuals, teens, seniors.

Whether your goals are to lose weight, get in shape, build strength, prepare for an event or just to feel better your personal trainer will provide the programming, accountability and support to get you there. 

Our training staff is certified by the top organizations in the country.

  • ACE (American Council on Exercise)
  • AFAA (American Fitness Association of America)
  • BOSU Complete System & Mobility & Stability for Active Aging,
  • TRX Complete System
  • Agility, Balance, Coordination Training Specialist
  • Athletic Conditioning
  • IndoRow & Shockwave Certified



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Health Coaching

Our Health Coaches are supportive, compassionate and educated about the impact of lifestyle factors such as stress, exercise, sleep, food choices and the environment. They empower you to listen to your inner wisdom, identify your values, and transform your goals into action. Results in the areas of fitness, weight loss, stress management, life satisfaction, better sleep and overall health can be achieved.

We all want to feel better, look better and have more energy.  Most people know what to do, but they struggle to get there.  A coach is there to bridge the gap between 'wanting it” and actually 'doing it”.

Your coach will use their expertise to provide structure, accountability and inspiration to enable you to move forward in your quest to improving your health and well being


Personal Training - K Fam


50-min Personal Training - Individual: $75
50-min Personal Training 2 to 4 people: $100

30-min Health Coaching: $30
30-min Health Coaching in Salt Cabin: $45