COVID’s Silver Lining – Health Awareness and Affordable Solutions

Posted by Vicky Childres
Posted on: Sep 21, 2020 11:31:42 AM

building immunityWhen we opened ReSet Lounge ten months ago, our goal was to bring affordable Mind and Body Wellness to the community that we all love so very much! We wanted our services to support people of ALL ages; a place for the whole family. We wanted to create a community space around healthy living and self-care; both physical and emotional. We wanted to be a venue for communal activities: monthly book clubs, nutritional talks, date nights and in the eternal search of “the healthy balance”, detox/retox ladies’ nights. Our Grand Opening party was mid- January. And well….. then we’ve had the rest of 2020.

COVID-19 has been a $%^$^. Not only did we hit pause on some of ReSet’s community events, it hits on a very personal level. I miss seeing friends. I miss hugging. I miss live music and travel. I hate fearing the grocery store and my heart breaks watching my twenty-something children who keep leaving and returning in various states of confusion. I just want to wake up from this unsettling dream.

The Silver Lining

The good news; I’m feeling a shift in our vocabulary and think perhaps a silver lining may be emerging from this madness. Toxins, Inflammation, Stress and Anxiety are all over the headlines. The impact that Toxicity and Inflammation have on how one’s body fights COVID-19 is all over the news. This New York Times article is a great summary about the findings around inflammation and immunity that we can each improve every day. 

The Stress and Anxiety resulting from the isolation that we all have been experiencing are now being discussed – at length. 

I feel that COVID-19 has us all taking a good, hard look at our baseline physical and emotional health. We are screened about physical symptoms and our temperatures are taken as we enter buildings. Breathing exercises and coping skills are being taught and practiced on morning shows. Anxiety and depression are discussed as easily as the stock market. My hope is that as we embrace this new exercise of physical and emotional self assessment, we will become more proactive with our self-care and emerge from this flu season happier, healthier and more in tune with what keeps us centered.

How ReSet Can Help and What It Costs!  

ReSet Lounge Core Services address Toxins, Inflammation, Stress, Anxiety as well as Pulmonary and Lymphatic health.

For those of you we haven’t seen in a while –

We hope that you and yours are staying well. Know that we miss you, think of you often and are sending healthy/ happy mojo thru the cosmos. Some cool, healthy, clean, mindful offerings are arriving shortly that will make a home ReSet a little easier while we muddle through this flu season. Details to follow and I hope we can see you again soon.


For those of you actively ReSetting –

Thank you for your support through this crazy time. Thank you for trusting us. Thank you for sharing your stories and spreading the word. We really love being part of your health and wellbeing journey.


And for those we haven’t had the pleasure of meeting –

Really hope to meet you soon!


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