Combatting COVID-19 Stress & Anxiety [Our Collaboration with KJK]

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Posted on: Jan 14, 2021 9:48:16 AM

real talkThe ReSet team recently had an amazing experience collaborating with Susan Stone and Kristina Supler of Kohrman Jackson & Krantz, KJK Law. Though our industries may appear to be quite different, our common interests in addressing anxiety in peoples’ lives, especially in students, brought us together. As we see the student population dealing with mental health issues, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, this discussion helped us share information about ReSet's modalities to help alleviate stress and anxiety. These services can compliment other actions being taken on behalf of students in crisis.

As full-time moms and attorneys, Susan Stone and Kristina Supler bring a unique perspective to their practice, leading the Student & Athlete Defense group at Cleveland-based law firm, KJK. Susan and Kristina handle a variety of matters involving educational services and student discipline. They also helps parents of students in need of accommodations navigate the IEP and 504 processes and advocate for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and mental health issues.

We invite you to enjoy the audio recording or read the provided transcript.

Susan Stone:  Welcome back to Real Talk with Susan and Kristina. And today we have a real treat, something a little different than what we normally do. Kristina, why don’t you tell our listening audience who we have here today.

Kristina Supler:  Sure. Today we are pleased to be joined by the wonderful women from the ReSet Lounge, located in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. We have Leigh Kruszenski with us as well as Beth Johnson and Vicky Childres. Good morning.

Susan Stone:  Thank you ladies. Thank you for especially coming downtown and we’re all masked up talking, but Kristina as you know, invited you to come downtown today to talk to us because our practice is dedicated to serving a population that is going through some crisis or trauma, and they look to us for their legal needs. Why don’t you tell us about your business and how you meet those mental health needs.

Leigh Kruszenski: Well, we don’t claim to treat or cure anything, but we definitely are here to try to help people feel better, and to try to quiet the noise, and calm the chaos of life. And we really like to see people of all ages, from kids all the way, we have clients as old as 90 and kids as young as eight, that come in and see us.

Susan Stone:  Tell us for people who’ve never been to the ReSet Lounge, Beth, why don’t you lead off. What is the ReSet Lounge?

Beth Johnson:  The ReSet, it’s a place that’s structured for people of all ages to gain benefits, both mentally and physically. And a lot of our services are best… The efficacy is better the more you do them. It’s like anything that’s good for you. But our core services are comprised of medical grade massage and compression chairs. We have salt therapy. So it’s a salt cabin, which is great for respiratory health and your skin, which is the respiratory is so important now. We have infrared saunas, and then we have a neuroscience-based FDA approved biohack if you will called NuCalm.

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And that NuCalm process talks to your pieces of your nervous system and chills you out. So an overview is that basically those core services, plus we believe in physical fitness, so we have really personalized personal training and we also have functional medicine health coaching. So all of these things help reduce inflammation. Every part of it, whether you’re learning about your food or exercise or the core services.

They also all help you reduce your stress anxiety. So in this era of escalating stress and anxiety, in the fear around preparing your body to fight this virus and other things, all of our services help feed into that. We also have a relationship with a functional medicine practice. So we do IV therapy for vitamins, and sell supplements that we can refer to those doctors to help you choose. And so we’re just constantly looking for ways to add services that can kind of help both body and mind.

Kristina Supler:  Wow, that sounds so fascinating. And I have to think that particularly with the onset of COVID, there’s more people of all different ages, both adults, but also students who would benefit from these services that are rooted in functional medicine. I was very lucky to spend the day at the ReSet lounge of wonderful friend treated me too. And my other friend to a day there, what was really stood out to me was that your prices were really affordable for students. Leigh, can you speak to that issue?

Leigh Kruszenski:  When we started, that was a bit of an important thing for all of us to have it be accessible to most. I mean, we really tried to price it and tried to create a pricing structure so nobody felt like they could only do the sauna or something else that-

Susan Stone:  You could do something for $20.

Leigh Kruszenski:  You can do… I mean, that’s the thing. I mean, if you do go to Chipotle and you get all the guac and everything else, you’re hitting close to $20.

Susan Stone: So what can I get for $20 at the ReSet Lounge?

Leigh Kruszenski:  So you can do a 30 minute infrared sauna.

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Susan Stone:  Wow.

Leigh Kruszenski:  You can do the 20 minute NuCalm therapy, 22 minutes in the salt cabin or a 20 minute massage chair. Any of those things are $20.

Susan Stone:  That’s amazing. Tell us how well… First of all, I’d love for you to share. We had the privilege of talking before our podcast. And Leigh, you have a great story. Can you share that and how it led you to the ReSet Lounge?

Leigh Kruszenski:  Sure. Personally, I was struggling with arthritis, acne, just a lot of physical ailments. And I was in my early forties. And I had parents who had had hips replaced and knees replaced, and I just thought that I was doomed to have replacements. And when I found functional medicine and changed my diet and my lifestyle, all those aches and pains and acne and all that stuff, it went away. And it was definitely a change, but the gluten, the dairy, the sugar, all those things that people kind of know are inflammatory, but actually eliminating those made a difference.

And then for my daughter who was struggling physically and emotionally, making those lifestyle changes really helped her. And that just prompted me to become a functional medicine health coach, to then be able to help other people. I feel like most people in this world of helping others, have had their own experience and that just leads you to want to share in the knowledge and help as many as possible.

Kristina Supler:  Beth, could you tell us maybe with us a story or some feedback you’ve received from some of people who visited ReSet Lounge, that just made you really feel like, okay, we’re on to something we need to continue on this path.

Beth Johnson:  One just kind of given your focus that comes to mind, is we’ve had a mother and two daughters come in pretty often. But the first time they came in, I had a pretty long conversation with her. And she’s got a teenager who is coming in on her own now for NuCalm. And she has an eight year old with pretty severe ADD. And they did NuCalm, which is this FDA approved. I said, “Relaxation and anti-anxiety treatment.”

And the mom wanted to just watch and just see how it was going to go. And when I came in at the end of the session, she had tears in her eyes and she said, “I’ve never seen my daughter be peaceful like that for 20 minutes.” Speaking of her younger daughter. It just really helped that child ratchet down a couple of notches.

Susan Stone:  Kristina and I work with a lot of students who have ADD. We find the impulsivity requires them to have different needs when they’re younger. Either in an individual education program or in a section 504 plan or in college, they tend to find themselves getting in trouble due to that impulsivity. But I’m wondering that compression chair, would that be useful for someone on the autism spectrum, because we work with that population as well?

Leigh Kruszenski:  I would think so. Actually, my brother is under the spectrum and he thinks the massage chair is pretty nice. And actually he’s also tried the NuCalm, but both of those things. I think maybe there is something peaceful that it’s only 20 minutes. That it’s not something that it’s so long or that you’re committing to something. A lot of kids don’t want to go to therapy or something like that, but this may just give them a break of what’s going on in their mind of life. It’s just a little time out without it feeling like so much.


Susan Stone:  I just think for any college kid or high school kid, we’re going to really, when they’re stressed… And you’re right, some of them, if you tell them to go to therapy for an hour, that actually causes more anxiety. Now we’re big proponents and we recommend therapy and mental health counseling for all of our students, but this can work in conjunction with therapy.

Beth Johnson:  We have between the four owners of ReSet Lounge, we have 11 children. And that’s kind of another piece of why this all started. Because between our families, we’ve got ADD, we had traumatic injuries, we’ve had illnesses. We’ve pretty much gone through life [crosstalk 00:09:01] yep. Suicidal ideations. All these things that we just want to help. And we’ve been through them and we’ve come through some of our experiences as friends. And we’ve seen what it does and what it takes from all perspectives.

So now all of our children are college aged or a few of them graduated. And I will say anecdotally of our 11 children, they all love ReSet Lounge. And it’s for varied reasons. But what I feel hopeful about, is that I see in my four boys, they are becoming more and more aware of their mental and physical health. And they are starting to really from repeating what we’re doing at ReSet, which is a big thing for us and why we priced it reasonably. Use it, use it, use it, and you feel better.

They’re aware that it’s helpful for them. They’re aware that the massage and compression helps their body feel better. It helps them relax. They’re aware of what each thing does for them and they feel good.

Susan Stone: That’s really encouraging to hear. And that’s very meaningful. We have also on the line, Vicky Childres. She’s in Florida. So I’m going to put our phone near her phone, because I think it’s a really beautiful story. Were you guys friends before? How did you get together?

Vicky Childres: Yes, us we’ve been friends… How long has it been girls? 15 years?

Leigh Kruszenski:  18?

Vicky Childres: And it was nice. We’ve been through a lot together. Anxiety, depression, illness. The reason I’m in Florida right now, is I have a congenital blood disorder that renders my immune cells no good. And so I receive other people’s immune cells through an IV every month. I was very ill before that treatment started. And they didn’t know why it’s very rare, this blood disorder that I have, and it took the doctors 12 years to figure it out. And during those 12 years, I was very sick and couldn’t get better.

Vicky Childres: And that’s started my journey with anxiety, depression, trying to figure out how to quiet the fear, and quiet the noise that was in my head. And Beth and Leigh and Beth, were very supportive and held my hand through all of it. My children have suffered from anxiety and depression as a result of seeing their mother ill for so many years, most of their youth really.

Vicky Childres:  And I think that’s really where ReSet Lounge came from, was we wanted to create a place where people could come take a deep exhale and relax. Take care of their body and their mind.

Susan Stone: Well, Kristina and I are dealing with some heavy issues.

Kristina Supler:  I mean, I think that in our practice, people are always coming to us with a certain amount of trauma and crisis that they’re navigating, which is of course why they’re seeking out the services of a lawyer. And in recent months with COVID and everything else going on in the world, there’s just so much turmoil and unrest. And I think that it’s really particularly challenging for our populations that are already more vulnerable.

Kristina Supler:  And so we are seeing such a rise in just overarching mental health issues, that seem to be driving the conduct involved in the cases that we’re handling. And so we really commend the four of you ladies for the business that you’ve created, and that you’re putting so much blood, sweat, and tears into I’m sure.

Kristina Supler:  And I think that there is certainly a need for these services. And again, I think it’s wonderful to have a space where both adults and children can go for just a little extra help, to feel calm and maybe have a little escape or reprieve.

Susan Stone:  And I think it’s important for Christine and I, as we serve our population, to be able to connect our clients to practitioners or outside providers, that can help them navigate their crisis and their legal needs. We’re just lawyers, not just lawyers, but we are just lawyers. But I think our theory has always been when we have a problem, we’re also just general problem solvers.

Susan Stone:  So we see the ReSet Lounge as just another way that we can assist our clients navigate their issues and send them your way to help them get stronger, deal with their issues, and move on in a positive way. I cannot thank you ladies enough for driving down and being available on the phone. And for everyone out there, I would say please check out the ReSet Lounge. I had the privilege of being there like I said, and I can’t wait to get back. Thank you for joining our podcast ladies.



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