Breast Cancer - My Story and the Importance of Self-Care in Crisis

Posted by Leigh Kruszenski
Posted on: Oct 13, 2020 5:15:30 PM
breast cancer support

Fourteen years ago, I lost my mom to breast cancer. She was diagnosed at 60, went through chemo and radiation, and was considered cancer free. Four years later, it came back in her lungs, liver and brain. She fought for another year and eventually lost the battle at the age of 66. She was too young, and it was a brutal process.  

I longed to be able to provide her comfort, both physically and emotionally. I struggled with my own anxiety seeing my mom so sick and selfishly not wanting to lose her. I feared what my life would look like without her. I couldn’t imagine my kids losing their amazing Mimi. 

She only wanted to feel strong, beat the cancer and be with her grandkids.

The loss was deep. What I didn’t realize in the moment was that the ripple effect was just beginning. My father was lost. My brother was lost. My children were exposed to illness and death WAY too early. And my husband was suddenly married to an emotional puddle.

I worked as a flight attendant in my prior life and had instructed countless passengers to “put your own oxygen mask on before assisting others”, but in the moment, my only concern was taking care of those I love. My kids were young. Life was busy. I soldiered through the days.

I wish there had been a place that we ALL could have gone to ease the anxiety and provide a little self-care. 

When my partners and I began imagining ReSet, we wanted to create a space that supported people of all ages, both physically and emotionally; a place where we could quiet the noise and calm the chaos of life. 

Today, I honestly believe we have curated some of the best offerings available for self-care. Our core services: Infrared Saunas, Salt Cabin, Compression/Massage Chairs and NuCalm address inflammation, toxicity, stress, anxiety and sleep.

This is my first “Breast Cancer Awareness” month as a small business owner, and I am proud to announce that ReSet Lounge will be donating a percentage of our proceeds to Bright Pink in support of Breast Cancer Awareness month.

In honor of all of the families who have suffered.

In honor of Mimi.

Hope to see you soon.

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