Detoxifying with Ozone Therapy: Understanding the Process

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Posted on: Mar 13, 2024 3:00:00 PM

bigstock--162169958Everybody wants good health, vitality, energy, and longevity. Here at ReSet Lounge, we make it our mission to find every way possible to help our clients achieve those things. One of the more exciting therapies we’ve brought on board is HOCATT™ Ozone Therapy. It's a dialed-up, cutting-edge form of an ancient wellness tradition that science enthusiastically supports: the sauna.

Ozone Treatment: Amplifying the Detoxifying Sauna

When you hear the word “sauna,” you might think of Finland, which has 10,000 years of wellness therapy history. But the concept of a “sweat bath” or “steam bath” for detoxification has ancient roots all around the world, across Scandinavia, Scotland, Russia, Asia, and throughout Native American cultures as well.

Traditionally, saunas were for relaxation (stress relief), purification, and the promotion of overall good health. Recent scientific studies support the sauna as a detoxification tradition, with evidence pointing to a host of benefits, including:

Here at ReSet Lounge, your Chagrin Falls spa, we are excited to offer our clients the cutting-edge HOCATT™ treatment--an infrared ozone sauna that provides an amplified dose of a sauna’s detoxification benefits in a 30-minute session. In addition to the heat and steam, HOCATT™ therapy adds a boost of ozone (03), far infrared waves, frequency specific microcurrents, oxygen and photon light therapy to the mix.

What to Expect During HOCATT Therapy

HOCATT™ is short for “Hyperthermic Ozone and Carbonic Acid Transdermal Therapy”. Hyperthermic refers to the “heat” and steam of the individual sauna capsule. We infuse ozone and carbonic acid into the capsule, and you absorb all of this through the wide-open pores on your skin (transdermal).

  • When you schedule an appointment for HOCATT™ therapy, come prepared to sit in the comfortable HOCATT™ sauna “pod” for about 30 minutes. We recommend you drink plenty of water the day before and the day of treatment because you will sweat a lot during the session. We will give you all the details for preparation before you arrive.
  • During the session, you’ll dress down and settle your body inside the comfortable pod. Your head will be exposed to the outside air. You will get to breathe purified oxygen throughout the session to increase your blood oxygen levels.
  • As the heat and steam open your body’s pores inside the pod, the HOCATT™ will release an infusion of carbonic acid for three minutes and ozone (O3) for twenty-seven minutes into the pod.
  • Your skin, which is your body’s largest organ and the first line of your immune system, will absorb these elements while full-spectrum light and electrotherapy penetrate deep into your tissues.

It’s a good idea to eat just a light, healthy snack about two hours before your appointment, but not a heavy meal.

The Detoxification Process of HOCATT Treatment

HOCATT™ treatment at our Chagrin Falls spa is a turbocharged detoxification sauna, and most of our clients feel the difference after just one session. A lot is going on in the body during one of these sessions:

1. This infrared ozone sauna Kickstarts the Detox

Far infrared light is used at the beginning to raise the body’s core temperature, which helps the immune system kick viruses, parasites, harmful bacteria, and even yeasts. The body also turns up enzymatic, hormonal, and neurotransmitter activity at this temperature. This therapeutic heat also relaxes muscles and joints and tells the body to start chelating heavy metals out of the system.

2. From CO2 to Carbonic Acid in the Steam

Next, a low flow of CO2 mixes with the steam in the HOCATT™ to become carbonic acid, which calms the central nervous system, melting away stress and tension mentally and physically. This opens pores and boosts circulation by nearly 25% in the whole body, increasing the body’s oxygen absorption.

3. Full-Spectrum Light Triggers Vitamin D Production

As this beneficial infrared ozone sauna mixture surrounds your body, infusing it with oxygen and removing toxins, full-spectrum light fills the pod, triggering your skin to start producing vitamin D--a powerful antioxidant hormone.

4. Ozone Infusion Triggers Cellular Repair

All of these previous steps have prepared your body for the next step: ozone gas, or O3. The O3 is absorbed and turns to O2, with O atoms binding with other O atoms to supercharge your cells with oxygen for powerful healing. This helps your body deactivate viruses, parasites, harmful bacteria, yeast, and fungal infections. Simultaneously, the ozone stimulates the immune system to heal wounds, regenerate damaged tissues, lower inflammation, relieve pain, and move toxins out through the lymph system.

5. Electrotherapy For Targeted Relief

HOCATT™ therapy comes with 120 Electrotherapy (Frequency Specific Micro-currents) programs that you can choose from to help alleviate a host of different conditions from cardiovascular issues, Lyme disease, mold toxicity, Parkinson’s Disease and many others.

Detox with HOCATT Wellness Therapy

HOCATT™ treatment truly combines all the wonderful wellness benefits of a sauna, while adding the powerful molecular detoxification muscle of infrared and ozone into the mix. Here at ReSet Lounge, we have seen it benefit people struggling with chronic conditions, people needing help with women’s health issues, athletes who want to boost their performance, and so much more. It boosts the immune system, promotes injury healing, and does wonders for the skin. Reach out and schedule an appointment at our Chagrin Falls Spa today to discover the powerful health benefits of HOCATT™ wellness therapy.

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