wellness Shots

Vitamin wellness shots are a quick and effective way to instantly boost your energy, improve focus, metabolism, immune system and more! Wellness shots are administered intramuscularly, via the deltoid or gluteus muscle, for rapid absorption. The beneficial effect of the vitamin wellness shots most commonly last anywhere from 1-2 weeks.

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Vitamin Infusions at Glow IV 10% Off

Vitamin infusions help replenish nutrient deficiencies - nourishing your cells for optimal health. With our alliance with Glow Wellness you can choose from a variety of infusions to assist with performance, vitality, hydration (and yes hangover remediation), beauty, energy, immune function and more.  IV Nutrient therapies currently performed at Glow IV.

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oral supplements


High quality supplements for use at home are available at ReSet and on our online dispensary (discounts and free shipping!). 

Now available inthe Lounge, Glow Factors Liquid Nutrients are now available with beneficial blends of plant based, great tasting ingredients to support overall wellness and brain health.

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Vitamin Wellness Shots

Wellness shots available can help you achieve a wide range of goals while delivering 100% absorption. Some shots are suggested in a series for optimal results.  Savings on all shots are available when you purchase 6 for the price of 5.  The package purchase makes any shot available within the same price point. 



Methylated B12 that gives you energy that lasts for days not hours! Improved energy, improved focus and improved mood.



B1, B2, B3, B5, B6



It's called SUPER for a reason! Methylated B12 and B complex - all the B vitamins you need to help supercharge your energy levels, metabolism, focus and mood.





Detox liver, cleanses vital organs and reduces brain fog and fatigue.



Found in all cells and essential in the production of cellular energy. Significant antioxidant. Low levels found in people with heart disease, diabetes, neurodegenerative disease and metabolic syndrome. Contraindicated for those taking anti-hypertensives . Use precaution with low Blood Pressure.



Your best shot at losing weight! Speeds up metabolism, burns stored body fat in trouble zones, reduces cravings and boosts energy. Best results when done weekly along with healthy eating and regular exercise.  Contains Methylated B12, B6, Methionine, Inositol and Choline.



Formulated for ReSet! Glutathione, Vitamin C and Zinc all in a single shot! Glutathione and vitamin C are powerful antioxidants helping to protect you from the forces of aging and disease. Zinc, an important mineral is involved in skin repair and in making DNA.




Supplementing at HOme

Liquid Vitamin NutrientsOral supplements for home use are available at ReSet Lounge and through our online dispensary. Pill and drop formats onsite make commonly needed supplementation available quickly and we carry both Pure Encapsulations and Glowfactors liquid vitamin blends.

Glowfactors liquid supplements help with absorption and are:

  • Great tasting
  • High quality supplements made from fruits and vegetables
  • Convenient to take, no bulky pills
  • Enhanced absorption for rapid results
  • BPA free bottles
  • Made and sourced in the USA

If you are interested in having your supplement order delivered to your door with a 15% discount - try our online dispensary carrying brands most preferred by doctors and other healthcare professionals.


  • Our in-lounge inventory is comprised of the most widely chosen supplements for general health

  • Special orders can be processed to meet your needs with short lead times
  • Pricing is more attractive using our online dispensary
  • Health Coaches are available to help you navigate specific supplementation needs
  • When possible we recommend liposomal supplements which are delivered differently from traditional vitamins.  A barrier is supplied around the nutrients providing encapsulation that helps protecting against the harsher aspects of your gastrointestinal environment, raising the absorption rate of other oral supplements.
  • If you order through our online dispensary, shipping is free if the order is over $49.

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