One of our most popular services, learn how the features of our massage and compression chairs deliver the bliss and the benefits!

Massage Chair Feature List

massage zero gravity

Zero Gravity Sleep System

When your body is positioned in zero gravity you are reclined so that your body position evenly distributes your weight across the chair. Zero gravity technology was invented by NASA for space travel to minimize the force of gravity acting on the body.  You don’t have to be an astronaut to reap the benefits of zero gravity.  Minimizing the pressure on your body, specifically your back, allows for a more relaxed, enhanced massage experience.  Our massage chairs allow you to lie back in increasing levels of recline all the way to zero gravity.  If you suffer from vertigo or cannot lie back without discomfort, you can still enjoy the benefits of massage and compression in a seated position.

massage chair impact

Smart Full Body Medical Scan™

The chair performs a full body scan to detect each part of your body in order to deliver a targeted, soothing massage.

Lower Back Massage

Intense Lower Back Rollers specifically target one of the most common problem areas of the body, the lower back. These rollers can work out tightness and kinks in your back, alleviating pain and stiffness. 

Foot Massage System

An extremely popular feature, the chair massages the feet, ankles and lower leg including the bottom and sides of the feet.


Engulfed Arm Massage System

The arm massage system covers your arms, hands, fingers and finger tips massaging them from top to bottom, sideways, and underneath at the same time.

The chair is also equipped with Adjustable Leg Extensions to accommodate both taller and smaller users.

head and back chair

Head to Toe Back Massage System

For most people, the upper and lower back are the areas most in need of massage. The chair has been specifically designed to target these areas.  See the diagram below for a map of the of the pain points the chair concentrates on.

4d massage

4D Massage

The True 4D Deep Tissue Massage System performs an elevated level of deep tissue massage to loosen layers of muscles and soothe tension.  This is done all along your back in the shape of your spine.


What Parts of My Body Get Massaged?




How Your Appointment Will Go

We encourage you to arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment, please wear comfortable clothing and have socks to wear during your massage.

One of our team members will help you adjust the chair for your leg length and help you get comfortable.

Your specific massage therapy will be selected, and the bliss will begin!

You are encouraged to close your eyes during your session, have your phone on airplane mode and just enjoy quietly, with music or a favorite meditation app. If you don't have either on your device, we are happy to loan you a tablet and noise cancelling headphones to enhance your experience.

Before experiencing any service, please be aware of the contraindications - specific situations in which a procedure should not be used because it may be harmful to the person - of that service.

Customer Reviews


I highly recommend the massage chair because it is zero gravity meaning the chair reclines back plus it really deeply massages the lower and mid-body.

~ Agnes


The massage compression chair which was absolutely amazing and better than any personal massage I've had.

~ Mindy


The massage chair made me feel like I was walking on air.

~ Janalee